Devir Licenses Games Workshop Gretchinz for Wacky Racing Game

Devir Licenses Games Workshop Characters for Wacky Racing Game: 'Gretchinz'

It seems the new CEO of GW is truly ringing in the changes with new licensing options for many of Games Workshops ranges, and non more so than the Spanish game publisher Devir Games (Roberto Fraga & Yohan Lemonnier, behind the hit game Captain Sonar by) announcing a deal with GW to produce a wacky races style card game, Gretchinz, set in the grim dark world of Warhammer 40k

Rumour suggests that it could see release in GW's 4 Quarter, allowing for a nice financal boost during this time.

The game mechanics make use of the double sided tarot sized cards, this offers the designers much more space to add visual goodness and lots of easy to read stats. Current rumour suggests that each player may see
the attack side of 'their' cards, while their opponents may only see the
hazards on the cards rear, but with the games cards forming the race track as they're played on the table. Each player must join a “Klan” which provides them with unique special abilities, all of which mounts up to an insane Orky and unlikely
racing machine very much in the same vein as Gorkamorka.

What makes this game divergant from the usual fare of GW and its spin off's is the approach to the material; rather than the usual 'Grim Dark, Gothic feel' this is being pitched as a light hearted fun game with the game Gretchinz
imagine high speed wacky races between Gretchins 


Gretchinz style has been captured by Eisner-nominated comic artist Albert
Monteys, so you know it will look great.

 It's intended for 2 to 4 players, ages 8+, and will only take around 20 minutes to play, so a great one for tourney grab a quick game to relax and have a laugh with between games

The cost of the card game has not been announced yet.

Exciting times ahead